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Scuf Impact: The true story, part 2

The package came for pickup on Monday, as expected and hoped, so after work I headed to the DHL pickup point to get it. After way too long trip home (excruciating 20 minutes!) I got to open it and see the long-awaited content, the Scuff Impact box!

Scuf Impact box with wrapper Scuf Impact box

When opened, the box contained the usual, including the controller, the Scuf Infinity lock for the thumbsticks, EMR Mag key for remapping and Scuf key for the triggers with the trigger extenders. Also in the package was a Scuf sticker absolutely free and a code for 5% discount from the next order. So all that was supposed to be there and bit extra. All good so far.

Scuf Impact box openScuf Impact box content

Then came the big moment of removing the controller from the packaging and seeing is it all I dreamed of. When getting the controller to my hands, first thing I noticed is how good it feels to hold it. The shape and size are just perfect for a firm and comfortable grip with all the controls in right distance for thumbs. The SCUF Grip patterning on the underside, which was a question when choosing options for my Impact, feels good on touch and to hold and you don't notice the patterning on it. The control disc makes it easy to use the direction buttons and on first feel it might be staying there for good.

Generally really liking what I got, but the real test comes when I get to use it for gaming and after that the build quality in the long run. But to those I'll probably get later this week in the next post.

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