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Saturday, August 18 2018 22:24

Scuf Impact: The true story, part 1

So ordered my Scuf Impact couple of weeks ago. Net is full of opinions about Scuf's controllers, but as it seems that the newer ones are of better quality, I thought to see for myself. Here I will give my honest opinion and reports of the controllers quality in the long term, at the same seeing if it's in any way worth the price asked for it.

Choosing the different options, like the SCUF Grip or the thumbstick type and length, is bit difficult without having a physical version to try them with, but went with gut feeling and with the mindset of not going to save if getting one.

So the result was over 200€, which gave me free shipping. That was the cheapest shipping option, meaning 7-10 business days. The controller was taken under construction on day 8 and was shipped on day 11. After this it got some speed, making it from Leicester in England to Helsinki in Finland in one day. Now being Saturday, I should get it on Monday, after which I'll post first impressions.
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